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Gallus: And she was never seen from again. Some say you can still hear the sounds of fabric being cut behind the closed doors of Professor Rarity’s Boutique, even to this day.

Ocellus: That sounds awful!

Sandbar: Dude, what are you doing?

Gallus: Setting the mood

Yona: Griffon sounds like he is reading scary horror book.

Smolder: Don’t be ridiculous. Everyone knows Griffons can’t read.

Silverstream: SMOLDER! Oh thank Aris. I was so worried you would never come back.

Rarity: Oh don’t be silly, Sweetie. I just borrowed her to try on a few designs which require a bit taller of a model than young Spikey can fill in for.

Smolder: grumbles

Rarity: And don’t think that I didn’t notice that tiny smile you had, Young Lady, when you wore that teal slip with the golden brocade


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Background Pony #EC73
Bonus notes: most often the fabric is silk or satin. You can find brocade in traditional clothing across all the great nations — China, Japan, Italy, Germany, Persia…
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Background Pony #EC73
I had the same idea in my fic, but with more of a consoling demure instead of sinister thoughts of embarassment.

Search it on FIMFiction: I Still Love Dresses…and Girly Stuff

links on this just don't work with me, sorry. I try and try and it always fails.
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Ok… Not only Smolder doesn't like dressed up in public.

Ember doesn't want Rarity to come to dragonlands because Rarity is tring to get the gemstone on Ember's staff.
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