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I tried to make this art into a pixel art. In a earthbound style.
Original (by Dilarus):

However I asked @dilarus to post this in public but didn’t respond… So I had to upload this and show it to you all…

Also I may not upload anything in one month (from 7/13/2019 to 8/15/2019) due to a lot work that I’m working on. So yeah… I will be online without posting anything. Just comments. So yeah… I’m very sorry for you all to hear this.

Unless I happen to bring my camera… Anyways thanks a lot and have a nice day.
safe (1462276)artist:dilarus (1735)artist:tarkan809 (136)spike (70086)twilight sparkle (265970)dragon (40476)comic:the many faces of twilight sparkle (322)colored (15734)dialogue (52501)dragoness (5691)dragonified (1346)earthbound (230)female (789086)pixel art (8377)scales (728)simple background (300323)species swap (16263)super nintendo (147)super nintendo entertainment system (24)transparent background (156327)twilidragon (172)

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