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Meet Bass Jumper :3

She’s from an next-gen AU of mine, and she’s the daughter of Aria Blaze and Vinyl Scratch :3

Bass Jumper is kind of a mischievous, scheming pony, but not necessarily evil. She doesn’t take no for an answer and loves having fun on the wild side! Her glasses are made from her very own magic spell so she’ll be the talk of the club and/or party, but her vibrant appearance is enough on it’s own to garner attention!
safe (1428779)artist:missvintagelps (3)oc (524973)oc:bass jumper (2)oc only (364099)pony (697636)unicorn (203106)female (759643)fishnet clothing (150)magical lesbian spawn (8430)mare (334955)parent:aria blaze (93)parents:vinylblaze (2)parent:vinyl scratch (319)pigtails (3208)simple background (290666)solo (875716)sunglasses (11485)tattoo (3777)transparent background (151793)


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