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EDIT: HOLY SKIZZ! "In Hot Water" is #2 Featured ON FimFic in just 12 hours!!

Here’s to collaborative writing ^^!

>tfw you’re finally invited to the clothing-optional spa sessions with your older female friends

Cover for the fic "In Hot Water", a passion piece co-written by lead writer Poprox101, pitched and outlined by myself, and collective input by the NCN server <3~!


suggestive (109983)artist:frist44 (1132)applejack (144267)rainbow dash (199705)spike (66057)twilight sparkle (254345)alicorn (156969)anthro (195215)bath (2118)blushing (149795)breasts (196105)casual nudity (4849)covered nipples (271)embarrassed (8495)faceless female (829)female (728424)freckles (19220)harem (654)horny (607)hot tub (210)implied erection (181)loose hair (1511)nervous (4201)nudity (287639)offscreen character (23209)older (16980)personal space invasion (458)spa (950)spike gets all the mares (570)steam (1343)straight (106819)strategically covered (2228)turned on (9)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (98794)water (9611)worried (2539)


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