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EDIT: HOLY SKIZZ! "In Hot Water" is #2 Featured ON FimFic in just 12 hours!!

Here's to collaborative writing !

>tfw you're finally invited to the clothing-optional spa sessions with your older female friends

Cover for the fic "In Hot Water", a passion piece co-written by lead writer Poprox101, pitched and outlined by myself, and collective input by the NCN server <3~!
suggestive129412 artist:frist441295 applejack160141 rainbow dash220905 spike75321 twilight sparkle284773 alicorn198090 anthro233795 bath2665 blushing178050 breasts243264 casual nudity5778 covered nipples400 embarrassed10211 faceless female1403 female933070 freckles25628 harem816 horny804 hot tub257 implied erection248 inconvenient erection72 loose hair1723 nervous5113 nudity338325 offscreen character29934 older23500 personal space invasion674 spa1138 spike gets all the mares716 steam1620 straight122815 strategically covered2676 turned on20 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116228 water11530 worried3495


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