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Rainbow Dash signs up for a program at Canterlot High called 'Hypno-Yoga' in order to help her relax before a big unit test in her science class. According to Rarity (who has been to a few sessions herself), the program involves the instructor guiding the student into a trance and removing their anxiety while they are in this state. After getting up at 6:00 am (as per the instructions on the flyer), Rainbow heads over to the school soccer field where she meets the instructor: her classmate Lotus Petal. After setting up their mats and sitting down crossed-legged, Lotus Petal lights a lavender- scented candle next to Rainbow dash to aid in the induction. Once that is done, Lotus instructs her student to close her eyes and take a deep breath. With the assistance of the candle's sweet scent, she then begins to lull Rainbow Dash into a relaxing state of sleep, telling her to forget all about her stress and just imagine herself floating on a cloud. At the same time, Lotus begins to make some 'minor adjustments' to Dash's psyche, erasing her thoughts and numbing her free will, intending on using the hypnotized athlete and her magical super speed for her own needs.

A mere 20 minutes later, Rainbow Dash is in a deep, sleeping trance, her mind and individuality completely wiped out in favor of a desire to obey Lotus's every command. No longer does she care about playing sports, being with her friends, or even the science test that was causing her the initial anxiety. All Dash wants to do now is be Lotus Petal's loyal, obedient servant for the rest of her life, so long as it means that she stays in her current blissful, stress-free state of mind for all eternity. Standing up, Lotus Petal looks upon her sleeping servant with delight, wondering what to do with her first….
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