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If you don’t get this, you probably haven’t seen Regular Show or My Little Pony.

Go watch this: [link]

And then this: [link]

I work on MLP and I wanted to give a shot at doing really on-model art of both shows interacting. This was the first thing that came to mind. Unicorns in "Regular Show" are a bit different than the unicorns of "My Little Pony", but I don’t think Rigby and Mordecai would know that…..

Anyway, I have an unrepentant nerdcrush on JG Quintel, the creator of "Regular Show" and the voice of Mordecai. If I ever end up working on a show with him I’ll probably turn into a gibbering mess and have to exit the room. That would be really embarrassing. T_T

Sketch is here: [link]

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro and
Regular Show belongs to

Please excuse my wobbly line quality, I tried to work big, but my tablet is old, old, OLD. And I think I screwed up a bit on Mordecai’s beak and Twilight’s far hind leg, but oh well.


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