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Seeds of Harmony: Truescale Tokens

This is a new photo (sorry for the quality) about both the painted dungeon and the new tokens i didwhich are considered Truescale since they are resized in a 1:60 scale, based on the fact that usually rpg squares you use with maps are 1,5 m x 1,5 m or 5 ft x 5 ft, and since all the characters have their own height (around 1 m or 3.2 ft) they have been scaled down accordingly. The Bases are simply obtained with a printed image of a dungeon floor cut twice for the upper and lower use sinceyou could have an horrible white line between the two sides. all is reinfoced by some very thin cardboard (around 1mm i guess) to make it more heavy and resistant to move around.

When the dungeon decorations from mantic will arrive i will then paint them and do more photos, but i will probably use a better camera since my phone is quite crappy about
safe1613873 artist:velgarn151 donkey1665 earth pony215376 griffon25054 parrot pirates383 pegasus256690 pony881479 unicorn284513 my little pony: the movie18266 adventure291 adventurers13 armor22306 bits1021 column214 craft4271 door3761 dungeon894 dungeon crawl5 fantasy424 female1284623 figurine1406 gaming miniature249 jousting lance10 lance282 male343197 mare438828 miniature314 papercraft977 pen and paper rpg584 photo76364 pirate2331 rpg1017 saddle bag5401 seeds of harmony34 sword10965 tabletop game308 token35 trap (device)274 treasure287 weapon28381


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