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Equestria Daily's Artist Training Grounds #9 — Day 16: Draw a pony daydreaming If Luna sleeps during the day, does that mean all…
safe1587089 artist:dstears602 princess luna94346 twilight sparkle284435 alicorn197658 pony854720 :33953 atg 2019731 clothes413656 curved horn5905 cute180449 daydream306 female915731 floating heart1578 heart43587 horn44710 lesbian92465 mare420311 monochrome148169 newbie artist training grounds5703 one eye closed25669 shipping185383 simple background348975 socks57350 striped socks19341 thigh highs28838 thought bubble3031 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116058 twiluna1525 white background88274 wink21875


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