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Commission from Kakapo. Uploaded here with the artist’s permission.
suggestive (116740)artist:king-kakapo (1037)derpibooru exclusive (21082)sandbar (4020)yona (3862)anthro (206498)earth pony (159303)unguligrade anthro (38308)yak (3303)bed (32248)breasts (212230)busty yona (92)commission (42514)female (789565)godiva hair (231)heart (38964)imminent snu snu (45)interspecies (19075)larger female (310)male (268405)nudity (303103)one eye closed (21427)pillow (13339)pubic fluff (3146)shipping (168933)size difference (11108)straight (112074)strategically covered (2366)yonabar (173)

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aaron242's avatar
Fair play lad, big lasses need affection too. brave lad as well seeing as she’s an amazon compared to him. Reminds me of one of my ship mates, He was 5ft and and a fag packet, his missus was over 6 1/2 ft tall. As he put it he was at the right height! I’ll leave the rest up to you, but I’ll say this, his kids at 10 and 8 respectively take after their mum, they’re already bigger than he is!
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Phantom Rider's avatar
Phantom Rider
You are already booped.
I love this. The reasons why are better described by that other commenter down there, though (minus having any problem with non-straight ships.) I love how perfectly happy they look, he’s not the least bit embarrassed or insecure (or afraid she’ll break him.)
Background Pony #F291
I actually like this ship because (a) it’s straight, and (b) it shows how love can transcend sizes. Some guys fall in love with girls larger than them. Big can mean soft and fluffy – just like Sandbar’s heart. Not always the "big muscle guy" has to protect the "little sweet girl" in relationship hierarchies.
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Comments31 comments posted