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This idea has been on hold for the longest time now, ever since I saw this particular video. I knew it’d give me an excuse to draw daddo Timber Spruce serenading his kiddo Terra Rosa (or, as Timber likes to call his little babe, Terri Rosie~).

Baby Terra is oh-so-facinated by Papa Timber’s singing and guitar skills~ Off screen, Twilight is peering in on this little scene and giggling to herself over her lovable dorks.

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safe (1426755)artist:miamaha (64)timber spruce (1656)oc (524059)human (130567)equestria girls (159377)baby (7623)cute (148099)father and daughter (1874)female (758212)guitar (3878)male (257260)offspring (28712)older (18324)parent:sci-twi (191)parents:timbertwi (46)parent:timber spruce (60)parent:twilight sparkle (6183)singing (5171)


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Background Pony #E8F1
Nice head canon and all but there is absolutely no way Timber and Sci Twi are gonna have a family together
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