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Title Video: Beautiful Now [PMV] [Collab]
Credit Video By: SnowT [also named as "SnowyBrony" on youtube] in collaboration with 12 editors.

"Nebula Animations" | "Alanj2007 Games" | "RapidBeta" | "Tisteve" | "TheLightLeavesThee" |
"Tygr" | "Jack DC 93" | "TiMan" | "Daspacepony" | "CaliAzian" | "HarmonicWind" |

Original Artist Music: Zedd – Beautiful Now

My Opinion about this Pmv: Great PMV!!! Awesome Music

safe (1427554)artist:snowt (1)edit (98955)edited screencap (44225)screencap (174372)angel bunny (8640)apple bloom (43560)applejack (147645)fluttershy (183958)pinkie pie (188862)princess celestia (83559)princess luna (87926)rainbow dash (203701)rarity (157459)scootaloo (46479)spike (68416)sweetie belle (43785)twilight sparkle (260115)alicorn (163154)changeling (32336)earth pony (147837)pegasus (187618)pony (695148)unicorn (202706)a canterlot wedding (2156)castle sweet castle (1245)fall weather friends (602)friendship is magic (2087)hurricane fluttershy (789)magical mystery cure (2009)pinkie pride (1377)season 1 (488)season 2 (270)season 3 (411)season 4 (2029)season 5 (569)somepony to watch over me (792)sonic rainboom (episode) (864)sweet and elite (685)the best night ever (1006)the last roundup (801)twilight's kingdom (2585)amv (3)animated (84651)boots (16020)cloud (28448)crying (35710)cutie mark (33858)cutie mark crusaders (16230)elements of harmony (2221)eyes closed (67868)female (758728)fireproof boots (260)flying (29870)generosity (97)happy (23809)honesty (97)kindness (144)laughing (6137)loyalty (111)lyrics (906)magic (57422)male (257509)mane six (26415)mare (334457)music (2249)night (19394)night sky (1291)open mouth (104003)pmv (273)sad (20565)shoes (24024)sky (9425)sound (4770)text (40502)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101854)unicorn twilight (7907)vector (66503)webm (7330)youtube (2035)zedd (10)


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