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Time Discounting

People tend to appreciate more in the present than in the future. The existence of such discounts for the future itself may even be useful, but this effect may lead to an incorrect assessment of events at different points in the future and, as a result, to incorrect decisions in the present.
safe1601983 artist:umneem125 apple bloom47152 diamond tiara9766 dj pon-328261 lyra heartstrings28256 scootaloo49343 silver spoon6232 sweetie belle46969 vinyl scratch28263 oc617672 oc:dispersion65 earth pony211314 parrot407 pegasus252644 pony870497 unicorn279647 comic:my rational pony88 cloak3878 clothes420288 comic102427 costume25326 cutie mark crusaders18218 female1274362 mare433511 nightmare night4468 pirate2315 ponyville5291 skull2755


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Background Pony #E622
I think the description is wrong. Except for the title it's the same as that from the last comic in this series.
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