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Time Discounting

People tend to appreciate more in the present than in the future. The existence of such discounts for the future itself may even be useful, but this effect may lead to an incorrect assessment of events at different points in the future and, as a result, to incorrect decisions in the present.
safe (1425694)artist:umneem (120)apple bloom (43521)diamond tiara (9040)dj pon-3 (26662)lyra heartstrings (26063)scootaloo (46456)silver spoon (5813)sweetie belle (43766)vinyl scratch (30757)oc (523616)oc:dispersion (65)earth pony (147436)parrot (296)pegasus (187113)pony (691232)unicorn (202158)comic:my rational pony (88)cloak (3300)clothes (354662)comic (89246)costume (21579)cutie mark crusaders (16220)female (757585)mare (333862)nightmare night (3923)pirate (2118)ponyville (4299)skull (2255)


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Background Pony #29C3
I think the description is wrong. Except for the title it’s the same as that from the last comic in this series.
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