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suggestive (120518) artist:tjpones (2905) princess ember (5455) spike (71619) dragon (43818) anus (82603) comic (95886) dialogue (55190) disappointed (438) dragoness (6023) duo (43884) female (830521) grayscale (32708) horse pussy (73) male (283299) monochrome (140386) ponut (36178) porn magazine (45) reality ensues (364) sharp teeth (2790) simple background (317824) simplistic anus (403) teeth (7040) white background (79496)


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21 comments posted
Background Pony #142D
this implies that Ember would at least be open to interspecies relationships, I guess…
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No, I don't think I will
Yeah, definitely getting ponies and changelings mixed up. I mean, dragons can't be expected to know the difference between them.
Background Pony #DBC4
At first I was thinking, what Lovecraftian nightmare would have fanged tentacle pussies? But then I realized she was referring to tentacle porn and assumed ponies were meat eaters.