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Welcome to the new Equestria, where monsters and demons rule and the land is shrouded in darkness underneath the eternal blood moon!
suggestive129078 alternate version34678 artist:rarityismywaifu52 oc610519 oc only411952 oc:lamika213 pegasus243554 pony853045 vampire3348 bad end1970 black eyeshadow89 black lipstick244 blood22724 blood moon251 blood on tongue2 blood stains139 blood trail10 canterlot5100 canterlot castle1796 choker9417 ear piercing21936 earring18173 eternal night16 fangs22326 freckles25538 glowing eyes9886 jewelry51795 lipstick9667 lore99 makeup17956 moon21210 mountain4479 necklace15482 piercing35295 red eyes5244 stained glass1148 story included7861 vampirism103 window7352


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