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Welcome to the new Equestria, where monsters and demons rule and the land is shrouded in darkness underneath the eternal blood moon!
suggestive (112977)artist:rarityismywaifu (51)oc (524638)oc:lamika (212)oc only (363557)pegasus (187727)pony (695434)vampire (2779)bad end (1836)black eyeshadow (27)black lipstick (183)blood (19615)blood moon (224)blood on tongue (2)blood stains (107)blood trail (7)canterlot (3964)canterlot castle (1257)choker (7212)dialogue (50590)ear piercing (16861)earring (14328)eternal night (16)fangs (17676)freckles (20502)glowing eyes (8482)jewelry (38954)lipstick (8080)lore (89)makeup (14068)moon (18646)mountain (3729)necklace (12250)piercing (28334)red eyes (4202)speech bubble (16640)stained glass (1016)story included (6418)text (40521)vampirism (87)window (5979)

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