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Sad Vera (IronWood’s Version) VS Sad Foxy Vera (My Version)

Which one do you guys like better? Comment below!
safe (1425619)artist:ironwoodakacleanser (22)vera (142)anthro (200163)1000 hours in ms paint (4334)afro (571)clothes (354639)cloud (28393)clown hair (15)comparison (3657)crossdressing (7523)crossover (52925)dress (34908)five nights at freddy's (1342)foxy (194)foxy vera (2)looking down (5349)mirror (4072)princess crown (7)princess dress (176)prototype lola loud's outfit (3)room (704)sad (20517)sash (210)sonicified (472)sonic the hedgehog (series) (6518)spa pony (189)window (5960)

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Background Pony #CEBD
Pony clowns > ponies > clowns > furries > furry animatronics.
Prove me wrong. Pro tip: you can’t.
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