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Adorkable Twilight & Friends – “Flower Shop Rose″
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Background Pony #CEEF
Not so sure about that. Roseluck initially helped Lily find someone, and pushed her to singles night. That's where Lily found Spike.

Roseluck would be conflicted if she tried to help them both to Spike, wouldn't she?
Background Pony #B859
They haven't forgotten about any of them. They are often brought up in Q&A sessions and via their Patreon posts because people ask about them.

There's a whole world outside of the comics.
Background Pony #61CC
It's like everyone here just thinks that "having a conversation" will resolve everything immediately. If you have feelings for someone… no conversation will make you flip a switch and no longer stop having feelings for that someone. It amazes me the lack of understanding about that here. This is very real, this whole arc if real. It's like people in real life dealing with this.

In a recent Q&A the series poked fun at people wanting all their arcs to just end… do people just want the series to be over and not be interesting? Lol. Goodness gracious.
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It's ALMOST as if a single conversation on a roadtrip doesn't make those feelings go away and things tend to be more complicated than that.

And hey, at least the artist is actually DOING something with this arc and not just completely forgetting about it (like Greg meeting Coco in Manehatten).
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The roadtrip was just part of the larger overall arc of Spike and Starlight teasing that the comic has been hinting at for literal years. Now, as of this comic, we see that the roadtrip was entirely useless. Sure, it let the two know about their feelings for each other, but they’re now worse off than they were before since now neither of them really know what to do in spite of having the two sit down to talk over everything in a conversation we never see.
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What's your problem, Starlight? Just make your rival disappear (pretty sure you have enough power to do so without being caught) and than provide some solace to heartbroken Spike — and he's all yours!
Background Pony #B9E9
@Iron Storm
I take it you haven't been following this series. IF you had, you would know that the Rarity here would do that sort of thing.

You know, I'll be honest. If a customer came to where I worked and started off by chasing off other customers, I'd deliberately give the worst advice I could think of, and make it clear that's what I was doing. A couple of them learned that the hard way.
Scintilla Aquila

Honorary Yak
I gotta admit, the "asking for a friend" trope that's on display here is one thing that actually makes me wish I had taken in more TV and movies (and young adult literature?) when I was younger, so that I might have actually realized it was a well-known technique that everyone will immediately recognize and see through before I tried doing it myself at one point (in college, I think?).

In retrospect I have no idea why I thought it would work, but at least if I'd seen it used in fiction then I would have known for sure that it wouldn't.
Background Pony #FCBE
You have to tell your feelings to Spike, Starlight.
If you don't do it, you will regret it for the rest of your life.