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safe1588958 screencap203986 cherry crash581 fluttershy199571 fry lilac97 hunter hedge82 laurel jade48 lyra heartstrings28122 princess thunder guts87 rarity170984 sci-twi22360 spike75321 spike the regular dog2527 summer solstice (character)42 twilight sparkle284774 wallflower blush1646 zephyr breeze2110 dog8699 equestria girls182138 equestria girls series28810 lost and pound176 spoiler:choose your own ending (season 2)1312 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11887 background human6054 boots19446 brother and sister3626 clothes414319 feet35125 female933075 food truck91 geode of telekinesis2390 glasses55508 legs7032 magical geodes6719 male309950 moccasins27 no socks64 offscreen character29934 outdoors7805 pants12520 pantyhose3215 ponytail15851 sandals3815 shoes30939 siblings6288 skirt35881 sky12039 sneakers4708 spike's dog collar310 spike's festival hat55


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