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safe (1395504)screencap (164646)cherry crash (524)fluttershy (179507)lyra heartstrings (25629)princess thunder guts (52)rarity (153476)sci-twi (17986)spike (65899)spike the regular dog (2183)summer solstice (character) (38)twilight sparkle (253861)wallflower blush (1168)zephyr breeze (1662)equestria girls (154585)equestria girls series (21643)spoiler:choose your own ending (season 2) (974)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (6601)background human (5811)boots (15483)brother and sister (2607)clothes (344552)dog (7186)feet (28696)female (726724)food truck (60)geode of telekinesis (1904)glasses (45411)legs (4864)lost and pound (118)magical geodes (4928)male (247364)moccasins (26)no socks (28)outdoors (5378)pants (9200)pantyhose (2812)ponytail (12667)sandals (3264)shoes (22789)siblings (3287)skirt (30495)sky (9066)sneakers (3995)spike's dog collar (297)spike's festival hat (51)

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