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Rainbow Dash receiving an magic wedgie which she seems to be enjoying~
Feedback welcome!
suggestive170494 artist:tacomytaco566 rainbow dash257307 pegasus395912 pony1297914 abuse8759 blushing235084 both cutie marks12368 butt171676 clothes550419 dashabuse832 eyes closed118219 female1581095 gradient background16824 implied lesbian4127 implied shipping6094 implied twidash216 implied twilight sparkle2258 magic85245 magic wedgie3 moaning7926 offscreen character43000 panties56823 plot111726 rainbutt dash5006 sexy36788 socks80279 solo1247493 solo female204539 stupid sexy rainbow dash4058 telekinetic wedgie35 underwear69743 wedgie1632 wedgie fetish77


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