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5 lines you need to stand in!
safe (1503124) artist:erufi (93) pinkie pie (196560) equestria girls (170080) equestria girls series (26630) five lines you need to stand in (154) spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (10876) anime (4014) beautiful (4046) breasts (220619) busty pinkie pie (8935) clothes (382435) cute (163272) diapinkes (7851) dress (37083) female (827461) geode of sugar bombs (1370) magical geodes (6094) one eye closed (22741) open mouth (113111) peace sign (2111) solo (925991) wink (20070)


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5 comments posted

I love almost everything about this, and I think she's really cute. However, that arm and hand just don't look right.. the palm and fingers are missing detail, and there is a weird lump in her arm. the eyes and hair are super good though.