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This had to be done, everypony, this had to be done.

After my last picture based on the famous "Does This Look Unsure To You?" scene from Spongebob Squarepants that you’ll find here with Pongo and Perdita 
 I decided to do another and this time with Tempest Shadow and Grubber from My Little Pony The Movie. I mean Tempest Shadow is the perfect character to ask that question since she’s serious and all.

I hope you all like this picture and I’ll try and make more pictures soon if I can, I hope.

Made by me using Photoshop Elements 11.
Tempest Shadow and Grubber are characters from My Little Pony The Movie and owned by Hasbro.
Based on the famous "Does This Look Unsure To You?" Meme that originated from the TV Series Spongebob Squarepants from the episode "Just One Bite".
Rest In Peace Stephen Hillenburg.
All Rights Reserved.


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More like sick of having to deal with an army of bipedal goat apes that have no problem solving or leadership skill among the rank and file. It’s like she has to tell them what to do because they would never think to do stuff without being told what to do.
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