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Aria: I’m adding an extra thwomp to this level just for that.

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safe1589441 artist:jake heritagu901 adagio dazzle12043 aria blaze9277 chancellor neighsay588 principal abacus cinch901 rosette nebula84 sonata dusk12673 sunny flare2588 oc613210 oc:caliper cinch2 oc:dolly dusk62 oc:primrose prime18 oc:smooth tone8 oc:ursula star9 comic:aria's archives231 equestria girls182221 barefoot24663 bikini16149 breasts243421 cleavage31048 clothes414520 comic102363 dazzling126 dialogue61050 drink4417 feet35151 female933604 food61814 midriff18342 nintendo switch399 offspring34798 one-piece swimsuit3927 parent:chancellor neighsay71 parent:oc:caliper cinch15 parent:rosette nebula8 parent:sonata dusk182 parent:suri polomare52 parents:canon x oc1810 speech bubble20815 swimming pool958 swimsuit25231 tanktop6840 this will not end well1394 tumblr35410


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MoonBlaze Master
This makes me feel so old, but in a good way. :) Aria seeing the grand kids just as her and her sisters were growing up, but maybe they'll turn out better. At least, Dolly will turnout better than Sonata.
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Background Pony #D67F
Haha awww Aria sees her sisters in the new kids. That's adorable

Yes she does & it is freaking adorable, let's hop Adagio & Sonata sees it too.
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