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My Poison Ivy version of Gaea Everfree (Or corrupted Gloriosa Daisy) from Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree. She really is the Poison Ivy of the EQG universe. Enjoy. ^^

Gloriosa Daisy and Gaea Everfree, and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls © Hasbro
safe (1428105)artist:azaleasdolls (52)artist:tychotma-1 (23)gaea everfree (545)gloriosa daisy (1628)human (130703)equestria girls (159512)legend of everfree (7037)belly button (59665)dress up game (25)female (759206)flower (18378)freckles (20506)geode of empathy (2085)geode of fauna (1130)geode of shielding (1431)geode of sugar bombs (1273)geode of super speed (1526)geode of super strength (1441)geode of telekinesis (2082)magical geodes (5477)midriff (16245)plant (1168)poison ivy (227)solo (875340)vine (955)


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