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You’ve doomed us all Twilight!
safe (1377998)artist:cinnamonnnnn (28)lyra heartstrings (25426)twilight sparkle (251010)alicorn (153158)book (25596)dialogue (46720)duo (36801)female (710767)glowing horn (12514)hand (6462)horn (20903)mare (311361)pony (650272)raised hoof (30100)that pony sure does love hands (185)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96946)unicorn (185021)unicorn twilight (6065)ur mom (4)your mom gay (11)

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3 comments posted
Background Pony #EA03
the real Lyra heartstrings dont know of human, so is mean she dont want hand, only the fan version want this but her problem is need be transform as human to have hand but as pony is out of option!
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