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A birthday present for my great friend TheGlimMaster. :3

His OC kicking my OC's ass in Super Smash Bros cause let's face it, he's way better than me in that game. Plus my best friend and his lady friend is in here as well cause I had to include them. :P

If I got to be honest, I'm not a fan of how this one turned out. I only had a week left until his birthday so I had to cut some corners and rush it. If I would've had more time and the opportunity, I would've redone it completely from scratch and start over to polish it, so please forgive the not so stellar drawing quality, I know that it's not as good as my previous ones. Either way, I hope you enjoy it TGM and Feliz Aniversário! <3

Myoozik The Dragon belongs to me
Bit Grabber belongs to TGM/Glim
Gerbera belongs to mjangelvortex
Sunray Shadow belongs to LeoNero
safe1602167 artist:myoozik42 derpibooru exclusive24987 rarity172614 starlight glimmer45183 trixie63491 oc617803 oc only413200 oc:bit grabber4 oc:gerbera22 oc:myoozik the dragon44 oc:sunray shadow15 dragon49947 earth pony211370 hippogriff8608 pony870654 unicorn279735 angry24709 beak708 beanie3309 birthday2399 birthday drawing8 birthday gift411 blue eyes4256 brazil325 brown eyes422 cake9107 chocolate cake69 claws4631 clothes420394 cookie3359 cross699 cross legged17 crossed arms4459 crossed legs2861 cutie mark on clothes1116 dragon oc751 dragon wings539 eyes closed82910 female1274522 fire10368 flag3520 folded wings4912 food63307 frown21684 glasses55951 hat78475 hippogriff oc446 hug25850 jewelry54127 joycon33 klonoa61 knit hat3 levitation10973 looking at each other17431 looking up14505 magic67556 male339092 mare433591 necklace16119 nintendo switch435 photo76033 purple fire8 red face227 ring2465 shirt22087 sketchbook269 smiling221478 smug5379 socks58654 spread wings49067 stallion96178 striped socks19730 tail21703 telekinesis25220 top hat3867 traditional art110303 wario's hat19 wavy mouth3307 wind ring1 wings84703 winning41 worried3546


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