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Rub that tum! Rub that tum! :D
safe1678913 artist:badumsquish1908 derpibooru exclusive27718 oc667332 oc only439212 oc:tremble64 goo1417 goo pony1825 human151875 monster pony3368 original species24657 pony941392 bellyrubs1097 duo58670 eyes closed90314 female1338314 floor289 hand8538 happy30460 high angle199 mat65 melting669 offscreen character33136 pov13662 smiling240935 squishy2489


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@Chicago Ted
Warm, living, affectionate, hug-loving putty :D

@Background Pony #9135
It's a good way to embarrass her… and risk a gooey slap to the face XD

You don't. It's just… goo :D

More or less. She's thick enough that her form can hold a bit of a shape on its own, like it won't just pool out completely flat like water, and it feels wet but your hand comes off of it completely dry :D

@Background Pony #54EC
Doesn't feel bad, though :D


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Pretty soft for a Sony.
Now I'm imagining some rare gold coin sitting inside of her belly and about 20 desperate people trying to grab that coin, all of them pawing effortlessly at her tummy, but everytime someone gets close to the coin she quickly shifts it to a different part of her shapeless body. Each time she giggles softly as the people continue to unknowingly give her the best massage she's had in ages.
Background Pony #4974
Glad to see tremble come back. Also i bet rubbing her tum must feel so weird

Tremble really is the best and cutest slime pony i have ever seen. I say thank you for bringing her to us she is the best cool goo mare ever.