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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Today's prompt: Draw a lovesick pony / Draw a pony experiencing puppy love.

Of course that only means panel #2 so the rest is "bonus".

Hope you like it.
safe1586270 artist:lizardwithhat71 bon bon15719 lyra heartstrings28111 sweetie belle46793 sweetie drops15719 pony853596 robot7004 robot pony3136 unicorn270278 angry24213 blush sticker2173 blushing177419 comic102175 crying40442 cute180165 dialogue60941 dying batteries2 female907613 happy27918 hologram268 lesbian92452 lyrabetes1233 lyrabon3117 mare419759 sad22858 shipping185170 speech bubble20741 sweetie bot1275 watch1212 wavy mouth3339 wristwatch417


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