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将019 of the legends of the three kingdom project. Little aj is a berserker character who does burst damage in early game, but is easy to be attacked in late game.

No.19 怪诞未来 小苹果 9999
誓仇 出牌阶段限一次,当你造成伤害时,你可以将一张装备区里的牌移至武将牌上,称为“仇”,并获得弃牌堆顶的3张牌;出牌阶段,你可以将装备区中已有的一张牌与相同类型的“仇”对调。你每有一张“仇”,你的手牌上限-1
safe1588377 artist:apple rogar11 derpibooru exclusive24641 oc612478 oc:little aj82 hybrid15566 semi-anthro11111 comic:crazy future154 bipedal31000 bush2303 clothes414157 commission53771 female919011 gloves17497 hairband1054 interspecies offspring6491 legends of the three kingdoms18 looking at you146247 offspring34758 parent:applejack3314 parent:unnamed oc369 parents:canon x oc1810 ponytail15843 scarf21263 simple background349473 solo981488 sword10691 wallpaper17821 weapon27521 wooden sword188


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