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safe (1426902)artist:squipycheetah (233)apple bloom (43540)scootaloo (46466)sweetie belle (43773)changepony (628)earth pony (147661)hybrid (11778)pegasus (187410)pony (694633)robot (6040)robot pony (2611)undead (802)unicorn (202484)zombie (1788)zombie pony (341)fanfic:undead robot bug crusaders (1)adorabloom (1966)alternate color palette (376)alternate design (1608)alternate universe (5846)apple bloom's bow (711)bow (19298)box (3595)clubhouse (590)cute (148111)cutie mark (33840)cutie mark crusaders (16223)diasweetes (2135)fanfic art (11335)female (758272)filly (50379)hair bow (10318)happy (23795)hug (22581)lantern (1169)lightbulb (202)looking at each other (12515)looking down (5356)looking up (11846)raised hoof (32010)scootaling (35)signature (14827)smiling (182796)species swap (15745)standing (8213)sweetie bot (1218)the cmc's cutie marks (4174)trio (5968)trio female (675)watermark (12553)window (5971)


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