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safe1602035 applejack161423 capper dapperpaws1471 captain celaeno1058 fizzlepop berrytwist8977 fluttershy201519 grubber799 pinkie pie206108 princess skystar1830 queen novo1185 rainbow dash222643 rarity172602 songbird serenade1139 spike75167 storm king1122 tempest shadow16032 twilight sparkle286337 alicorn203057 dragon49927 earth pony211328 parrot407 pegasus252659 pony870543 seapony (g4)3778 unicorn279663 anthro236760 my little pony: the movie18162 angry24705 anthro with ponies2398 armor22099 beauty mark1056 bootleg1372 bow25350 broken horn13103 chinese2641 cowboy hat13835 dvd369 ear piercing22625 earring18597 english881 female1274407 flying35172 glowing horn17306 hair bow13942 hat78462 headworn microphone196 horn49903 jewelry54111 looking at you150009 malaysia227 malaysian6 male339041 mane six30155 mare433534 merchandise3980 my little pony logo3460 my little pony: the movie logo40 official7139 piercing36213 pirate2316 pirate applejack46 pirate dash355 pirate hat508 seaponified1981 seapony applejack272 seapony pinkie pie475 seapony rarity329 seapony twilight402 species swap17820 spread wings49057 standing10727 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117418 wall of tags2597 wings84670


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Background Pony #6AC0
@Algebroot Neogears
Well, the summary in the back cover of the DVD or blu-ray says that the Storm King did threaten Ponyville because it's true that he ruled Ponyville and the rest of Equestria. I mean look at Ponyville after the song "Open Up Your Eyes." You can see smoke hissing above Ponyville while some of the airships of the Storm King's armada are heading towards Canterlot. Ponyville is likely on fire. But, I bet some of the ponies in Ponyville, who are about to go to Canterlot of the Friendship Festival were enslaved, or captured, or imprisoned, or punished by the Storm King and his Storm Forces. And I bet even Mayor Mare was locked in a cage in Ponyville by the Storm King and his army. Just like what Trixie did while ruling Ponyville in "Magic Duel." I bet like Trixie in "Magic Duel", the Storm King did forced the remain citizens of Ponyville to become his slaves like the ones in Canterlot. And I bet they have Storm King banners like in Canterlot and maybe there were some statues of the Storm King. The summary of the back cover should have said either "Equestria" or "Canterlot" instead of "Ponyville." This is my opinion to what in Ponyville during the Storm King's invasion/ruling of Equestria while the Mane Six were gone during the movie.
Algebroot Neogears
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@northern haste
There's also "the Mane Six goes on a journey"…

There seems to be a revised description in the 25th anniversary collection. Some parts are corrected, but the "Ponyville" error remains:
When a dark force threatens Ponyville, the Mane 6 go on a journey beyond Equestria to save their beloved home and they meet new friends and exciting challenges along the way.
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northern haste
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Enter if you dare
When an evil force threaten the town of Ponyville

pretty sure it was all of Equestria that was being threatened
end of Equestria

pretty sure they left Equestria
edit:oh God I just check that actually what the official Blu-ray says