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[Revard] AppleJerk
VERY last revard for Douseron! Sorry dude, i really don`t liked ponies, so, it is why i did your artworks in last priority. Anyway, i don`t like disappoint peoples, espeshially my dear patrons, so, enjoy!

Btw, i don actually fan on "toejam" stuff, but,,, I thinked it is a bit funny experience. Lot peoples love a dialogies like this, so… =)))

Version without text, with dirty soles and linearts + sourse files avariable on my Patreon!:
suggestive132381 alternate version37928 artist:zapor66617 applejack162380 earth pony215169 anthro239249 plantigrade anthro28909 applejack's hat6017 cowboy hat14017 dirty feet225 drool23114 drool string5224 esophagus282 feet36520 female1283845 fetish36502 foot fetish7052 gullible26 hat79355 haters gonna hate214 imminent vore2164 mawshot1340 meme79553 mucous131 mucus317 open mouth129472 oral invitation184 patreon11897 patreon logo8330 predajack276 slimy284 solo1001451 stetson4879 sweaty feet99 taste buds200 tongue out94703 uvula1804


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