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Cloud Cuddler and Sweet Haze :D
safe (1427335)artist:bestiary (34)oc (524349)oc:cloud cuddler (89)oc only (363450)oc:sweet haze (58)earth pony (147782)pegasus (187545)pony (694988)cute (148191)eyes closed (67854)femboy (6530)futa (37291)glasses (46921)hat (64613)hug (22590)intersex (34917)male (257429)one eye closed (20327)pride (795)pride flag (374)shipping (164151)smiling (182861)teeth (6399)ych result (11770)

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There’s nothing wrong, it’s just a couple of handfuls of people who don’t like people liking things they don’t like.

In brief, with about a hundred thousand active users each month, we have a several users who do not like images related to Pride, or that have Pride Flags, or that have intersex characters, or show anything other than what they consider to be straight relationships. We also have a lot of people who feel equally strongly that we should not allow original characters on the site, and who do not believe that "Your Character Here" images should be allowed on this site, and who are triggered by images tagged "futa" or "hug".

I wish I was making that up, but that’s what I found when I looked through the votes.

I’ve looked through the downvotes and did find some systematic downvoting, and those people have been banned. But the rest just seem to be the "usual noise" images attract with a mix of people offended by their being OCs, and people who are triggered by intersex characters, futas, etc, etc.

And, while I can’t expose any confidential information, it’s not unusual for downvotes to be made by people who are fans of an artist – we often find that people who downvote one work by an artist also favorite other images by the same artists. Sometimes your most ardent fans can be the most critical …

If you would like to talk about it more, please feel free to PM me. But I think you shouldn’t be concerned. We just have a couple of people who have only been on the site a couple of weeks and still think that "taking a stand" against people liking things they don’t like is somehow noble. When school starts in the fall they will probably be gone again.
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