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so many great faces!
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In retrospect, this episode was very much made specifically for the animators to get out all the crazy Twi faces that they could before her calming in "Summer Sun Setback."
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They should’ve just named this episode "Face Freeze". Because that’s the only thing that matters in this episode.
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To toss my hat into the ring, it’s fine if there’s silly or crazy faces and expressions. That’s one of thw wonders of animation, to go as crazy as you want.


For this episode, it all felt overflowed with them. A good amount of them is fine, but if it felt like your episode RELIED on them, then something might be wrong.
My best guess is the animators wanted to find a good episode to go as crazy as they could given they won’t work on MLP anymore, this episode being that open opportunity, but didn’t take into consideration how obnoxious the amount would be.

Those are my thoughts on the whole ’meme face’ thing.
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