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Made for the Artist Training Grounds on Equestria Daily
Prompt: Draw a pony on the wrong side of the law / Draw a villainous pony.
Recreation of one scene from the Under Our Spell performance in Rainbow Rocks with the Dazzlings.

Asset credits on Deviantart.

safe1599571 artist:wissle272 adagio dazzle12105 aria blaze9219 sonata dusk12750 equestria girls185184 rainbow rocks17629 3d66402 atg 2019689 canterlot high2515 drums908 eyes closed82684 female1272249 gymnasium104 looking at you149598 microphone4580 newbie artist training grounds5584 open mouth127348 scene interpretation8003 singing5902 source filmmaker40289 speaker223 stage2804 the dazzlings4084


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