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Made for the Artist Training Grounds on Equestria Daily
Prompt: Draw a pony on the wrong side of the law / Draw a villainous pony.
Recreation of one scene from the Under Our Spell performance in Rainbow Rocks with the Dazzlings.

Asset credits on Deviantart.
safe (1431047)artist:wissle (189)adagio dazzle (11036)aria blaze (8563)sonata dusk (11858)equestria girls (159968)rainbow rocks (16833)3d (51490)canterlot high (2050)drums (783)eyes closed (68082)gymnasium (92)looking at you (120726)microphone (3905)newbie artist training grounds (4446)open mouth (104450)scene interpretation (6941)singing (5188)source filmmaker (30706)speaker (174)stage (2396)the dazzlings (3759)


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