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"Technically, there are 5 countries that use army ranks such as ’General’ in their navies (and a 6th that would use ’General’ if it had a larger navy, and a 7th that uses the title of ’Brigadier,’ which is considered the lowest rank of ’General’ and thus called ’Brigadier General’ in many countries)."

"Yeah, but nobody cares about the navies of Israel, Jordan, the UAE, Mauritania, or the Maldives, and nobody cares about Malta at all."

I didn’t know that someone had already addressed this until after I already finished making this, so I’ll post it anyway because I missed my monthly shitpost quota for June. Also, mine is just barely educational enough to justify itself.

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Background Pony #F20E
Did you know the Semitic root ’amir means general and amir al-bahr, literally: general of the sea, is one of the suggested sources of our title of admiral?
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Background Pony #5E37
I mean, on the one hand I was mildly irritated that the writers decided to introduce ANOTHER spring holiday (spring solstice? WTF??), but on the other I just chalk it down to typical new writers not paying super close attention to lore of the show or real world rules. It’s just what it is man.
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Background Pony #8058
You are in a group smaller than the one that would say "what’s an admiral?", especially considering this is still a children’s show. This is just as obnoxious as when someone depicts a gun in a drawing and it gets filled with a ton of THAT ANGLED FOREGRIP IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THAT MODEL YEAR OF M4 WHAT ARE YOU DOING IDIOT THIS IS WRONG REEEE

It’s a cartoon. Please suspend your disbelief and accept that the writers aren’t perfect, or even choose use simplified or incorrect terms as to not confuse the audience. Of children.
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