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Artist's description:
I did this lovely drawing with my friend fluttershyfilly-yay on aggie~
It turned out greaT. I draw the Discord and she drew the Fluttershy haha.
safe1588633 artist:candyeater91154 artist:fluttershyfilly-yay12 discord28949 fluttershy199550 draconequus9270 pegasus244631 pony855852 blushing178003 bust41697 collaboration4887 cute180805 discoshy2540 discute1003 eyes closed81280 female929546 heart43638 kissing22677 male309677 mare420940 outline981 pictogram1840 shipping185590 shyabetes11739 simple background349584 spiderman kiss5 straight122781 upside down5087 upside down kiss21 white background88408 wings78861


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