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Pinkie Pie knows how to make ponies happy.
I didn't give up on the ATG! Work's just been crazy this week. I've been absolutely drained. But the holiday's done, I made it through in one piece, and the weekend is here! Time to celebrate with some SHIPPING. I challenged myself with a short comic this time. Keeping these girls looking consistent from panel to panel was kinda tricky for an amateur like me. There is one "inconsistency" here that was intentional, though. I won't spoil it except to say that I would've made the change more obvious, but the panel border got in the way.
Today's prompt: draw a pony living on the edge/draw a pony who lost a bet
safe1585446 artist:friendshipishorses102 rainbow dash220552 twilight sparkle284325 alicorn197447 pony853049 blushing177426 female907379 heart eyes14154 kissing22626 lesbian92418 monochrome148078 newbie artist training grounds5702 shipping185157 traditional art110391 twidash4993 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115927 wingding eyes19375


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