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Artist’s comment:

360 Video youtu.be/A6u1pWi_aHA

Hello to all! I want to introduce you to the new Sweetie Bot.
We developed it with V747:iconv747: on the order of the Sweetie Bot Team.
This Sweetie will go with me to GalaCon and BronyCon, where you can buy it, but it will also be available later!
Height 17 centimeters
safe (1429574)artist:shuxer59 (65)artist:v747 (200)sweetie belle (43821)pony (698321)robot (6053)unicorn (203459)bronycon (1597)absurd resolution (61352)battery (134)blacklight (30)craft (3528)cute (148617)diasweetes (2146)energizer (8)female (760350)filly (50534)galacon (344)open mouth (104277)photo (66447)sculpture (2902)simple background (290917)smiling (183263)solo (876211)sweetie bot (1220)sweetie bot project (76)youtube link (4301)


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