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i like to thank pearlyiridescence for selling this mousepad, and coincidentally i was in need of one because of my wrist aching on the hard surface, so now my wrist is comfortable and sometimes enjoying myself, so again, thanks pearly for making this possible.

oh and this was the last one that was on sale, sorry.
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not provided yet


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I bought one of the Rainbow Dash ones a while ago to mess with my friend John. It's about the size of a standard mousepad you'd get in any random shop. I don't see why you can't use it for games. I do all the time. I've never needed or wanted anything larger. Then again, my desk is small and it's in a small room, so I don't have room for anything larger anyway.
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oppai mousepad profiteer
Thanks for posting a pic!! If you could leave a review on Etsy, that'd be great too, thanks!

@Shimmering Spectacle
i couldn#t imagine doing anything productive or gaming related with that.

Yeah I wouldn't recommend for gaming, but I use my oppai mousepad (which is the same size as the ones I produce) every day for art. It functions just as well as a standard sized mousepad. You also don't have to use them as everyday mousepads; I have customers who bought them for display purposes or…other lewd things ;)
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@Shimmering Spectacle

it just seems so small compared to the mouse shown on the pic.
i couldn#t imagine doing anything productive or gaming related with that.

maybe i'm just spoiled by my mousepad mat, thing is amazing and covers the entire width of my desk
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