Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! MLP:FiM turns 9 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
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Princess Celestia: Sup Spike! Wow you look so grown and handsome, and I sure do love the new crown and bow tie on you, quite the complex of regalia I see on you.

Spike: Thanks even a sun princess like you would love to snuggle a big cuddly dragon when they can spread their wings out together.

Princess Celestia: Aggreed Spikey Wikey!
safe (1430813)artist:aleximusprime (1192)artist:disneymarvel96 (92)artist:sonofaskywalker (183)edit (99352)vector edit (1773)princess celestia (83731)spike (68648)dragon (37861)adult (1998)adult spike (818)bowtie (7277)canterlot (3975)castle (1432)crown (10841)cute (148884)cutelestia (2655)eye contact (5708)fat (17658)fat spike (289)female (761361)hallway (561)jewelry (39203)king spike (12)looking at each other (12610)male (258444)older (18612)older spike (3726)peytral (1673)regalia (12378)shipping (164698)smiling (183508)spikelestia (213)straight (109624)tiptoe (41)vector (66668)winged spike (5578)


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Background Pony #3839
I’m pleasantly surprised that Celestia is not anywhere at old age, since Twi and the others are now all older.
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