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Оригинал >>1185314
safe (1427955)artist:captainpudgemuffin (636)edit (98985)applejack (147678)cat pony (249)human (130670)original species (18325)pony (695420)apple (12898)applecat (106)apple slice (28)bait (198)behaving like a cat (1579)captainpudgemuffin is trying to murder us (53)cute (148277)cyrillic (1213)dialogue (50586)fluffy (11496)food (51028)holding (1892)holding a pony (2176)humanized (87983)jackabetes (4246)pony pet (569)russian (3343)silly (6434)silly pony (2649)speech bubble (16640)that pony sure does love apples (696)thought bubble (2476)thread (786)translation (2275)who's a silly pony (591)

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I think they mean, ’what’s the literal translation of the Russian equivalent of ’consarnit’’.
Like, yes, we have the original, but it’s unlikely they just translated everything literally, that’d be a pretty lazy and awkward translation, especially when there’s ’slang’ involved.
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