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safe1879706 artist:futuretankcrc11 applejack182230 fluttershy229504 pinkie pie231280 rainbow dash251246 rarity196329 starlight glimmer53090 trixie72457 twilight sparkle322116 pony1225672 bugatti34 bugatti veyron18 ferrari192 gta spano4 koenigsegg17 koenigsegg agera2 laferrari16 lamborghini150 lamborghini aventador34 mane six34199 mclaren67 mclaren p19 porsche72 porsche 91811 supercar234 vray19


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@546 Horsepower  
Indeed, when it comes to giving them only one vehicle per pony your theory is the best without doubt. What I did is different. I pick out cars only from classic mid engine supercar designs and distribute them to the mane6, only in case they need to be driving classic mid engine supercars, and those are my results. Different from yours of course but there’s no point arguing about it since it’s not the same thing we’re talking about. For example if AJ needs to be practical just drive a pickup or a large lorry, and it doesn’t bother if it’s a veyron that she wants to drive around for fun. Both theory make sense for respective situations and there’s no need to force each other to accept the other’s idea anyway.  
By the way I gave celestia and luna older vehicles to match their age, so it works fine with my choices.  
Just knowing there’s someone out there in the fandom doing the similar thing is joyful, I truly appreciate for sharing your ideas with me.
546 Horsepower
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Yes, I like cars.
I reserved the LaFerrari for Celestia to contrast with Luna’s Aventador.  
American muscle and tuning companies can make drag-racing beasts. Farmers like AJ still need to be somewhat practical, so a highly boosted mustang can both win 1320s and stil deliver a few apples.  
The P100D hild the 0-60 record; it’s still potent. Often times, people talk about its quiet and eco-friendly nature, with the acceleration being a rare party trick. Still seems fitting to me.  
Pinkie would actually like a TVR Cerbera Speed. Looks wonky but that 7 liter v12 makes it SO overpowered.  
Rarity needs to be comfortable most of the time but will fight if needed. Perfect definition of a GT. I couldn’t think of any GT that was soft enough without going British. So be it.  
And then the LFA. Time for a rant.  
The chassis was redesigned halfway through the process because aluminum was too heavy. Toyota had to get a carbon fiber loom just for one car. The radiators are behind the driver, with air being channeled to them through aerodynamic mirrors. There’s a gap in the hood for the dual intake going to the 10 throttle bodies. The windshield wiper fluid tank is so recessed in, you refill it in the same area as the gas cap. The Magnesium/aluminum 1LR-GUE has a 72 degree cylinder bank angle to be even-firing, supplelemnted by a surge tank and equal length headers tuned by the musical division of Yamaha to sound like an early-2000s F1 car. Jeremy Clarkson said it was the best car he had ever driven.  
When we’re talking about a lab-grade precise pony who’s seen cars first-hand in EqG, she should demand nothing less.

@546 Horsepower  
and also when I started this idea back in 2016 or so I limited my choice to fossil fuel powered supercars so that’s why I didn’t get AJ a muscle car, or FS an electric supercar.

@546 Horsepower  
(sorry for my poor english so I have to explain it with many words, and plz forgive me for some grammar mistakes or misspellings)  
your version of performance cars for mane6 is indeed better and based more on their character designs. When I first had the idea of giving high performance cars to the mane6 I mainly focused on the exterior designs and how many horsepower those vehicles got without extra concerns about the national origins and deeper stories behind them.  
Veyron for AJ is because of the insane power it deliveries, agera for RD is because of the top speed as you said. And those two vehicle series’ constant competiton with each other for the fastest production car represents the competition between RD and AJ in some ways.  
I doubt if rarity can be catagorized as proto-british just because of her accent, since in equestria you can’t possibly speak any other language but english, and I don’t think that makes everypony proto-english speaking countries. Laferrari’s high end style of design always reminds me of Rarity.  
As for fluttershy Zonda R is indeed a little bit too loud, but during the past 8 seasons we’ve seen quite a lot of situations where she gets tougher and tougher and is able to burst out insane strengths to either tame down fierce beasts or help out her friends from crap stuff. She might just enjoy the company of such a wild machine like she does with the bears or even discord. even if she doesn’t, she can surely handle it if needed.  
Although I do believe LFA is a better choice for TS, the reason why I chose 918 for TS is because of the process of development and the german style of precision in car manufacturing. P1 for PP is actually just because of the smily face design in the front, and its rearwheel drive is powerful enough for PP to play around anyway.
546 Horsepower
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Yes, I like cars.
The only one that makes sense here is the Agera. Given it holds the production car speed record. Dash would definitely take it.  
Fluttershy would never drive something so aggressive or loud. (Tesla P100D)  
Nothing but muscle is acceptable for AJ (Shelby GT500)  
Rarity is proto-British and would likely go more of a GT roud (Aston DB11)  
If you understand the story behind the Lexus LFA, it’s a perfect match for Twilight (Literally >>2081671)  
Pinkie might take the Zonda R, given how absurd it is.
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