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safe1588646 screencap203756 dj pon-328229 spike75314 twilight sparkle284710 vinyl scratch32324 alicorn198009 dragon48903 a trivial pursuit1089 asking49 baby dragon1289 bell3790 big grin109 chinese2619 claws4583 clothes414223 crazy grin19 duo50060 faic11406 female929553 folded wings4688 glowing horn16902 grin33396 levitation10678 magic66524 magic aura3059 male309679 mare420942 nightcap479 nightshirt36 pajamas2990 raised eyebrow6222 raised hoof39879 shrunken pupils2522 sleepwear29 slit eyes4119 smiling218368 subtitles1327 telekinesis24916 twilight snapple1921 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116197 twilighting284 winged spike7230 worried3493


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8 comments posted
Background Pony #F06F
That is very close to the same face she made in the season 9 premiere.
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Background Pony #F166
Woah… that face screams "I drank a literal gallon of coffee from a milk jug"
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