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i wonk but is so old this video
safe1589429 artist:whitehawke14 apple bloom46927 applejack160170 aqua blossom554 big macintosh27010 curly winds593 dj pon-328231 fluttershy199613 mystery mint869 pinkie pie204791 princess cadance30550 princess celestia90574 princess luna94460 rainbow dash220960 rarity171027 scootaloo49378 scott green404 scribble dee486 some blue guy567 spike75335 sweet leaf503 sweetie belle46902 teddy t. touchdown304 twilight sparkle284847 vinyl scratch32326 alicorn198185 dog8701 pony856504 equestria girls182218 equestria girls (movie)6439 my little pony: the movie (g1)201 animated92680 background human6054 bashing24 breathing298 couch7197 cutie mark crusaders18112 equestria girls logo779 female933596 frustrated488 grammar error in description3 humane five2851 humane six2726 looking at you146422 mane six29674 mare421255 show accurate11126 sitting55847 sound6941 spike the dog2475 trollestia760 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116253 webm10421 youtube link4605


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Background Pony #14A1
In MY opinion, Luna’s EG design is AWFUL. I mean, I get it. Magic flying hair isn’t normal on humans. But, we still have orange colored people. Celestia’s design is ok…
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