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safe (1395381)artist:mirrorcrescent (46)fluttershy (179494)atg 2019 (706)cloven hooves (6958)cute (142170)female (726583)head turn (584)hoof on cheek (145)kirin (4424)kirin-ified (371)mare (318512)newbie artist training grounds (4443)prone (19982)shyabetes (8934)simple background (282223)smiling (176505)solo (857218)species swap (15215)transparent background (147905)


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Digital Seapony
Princess Book Horse fan.
"Autumn Afternoon, the Official Keeper of Kirin History, noted in his journal that not a single kirin living in the village could remember Fluttershy ever turning into a nirik. As the more observant of his readers pointed out, that wasn’t the same as stating that the quiet, peace-loving mare never felt angry or frustrated; it could just as simply mean that the few unlucky chaps who somehow managed to make her mad could no longer be qualified as living."
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