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Which Coco does it better? This one, or this one? :D
safe1586515 artist:badumsquish1939 derpibooru exclusive24602 earth pony203028 pony853839 beach13101 clothes413416 coco bandicoot33 coveralls36 crash bandicoot180 cute180349 female909329 flower22465 flower in hair6701 looking at you145924 ponified38632 sitting55692 smiling217845 solo980274 tropical51


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Yeah, I'll admit N. Sane is the thing that got me to like Coco the most because I CAN ACTUALLY DO A THING WITH HER NOW.

Also, I've come up with little back stories to justify using her on certain level types. Essentially making up fanfiction while playing.
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@Background Pony #0564
Yeah… They're not bad, but they're a pretty far cry from the original three D:

She was always treated kind of crappily, unfortunately. Like in Crash 2 she's completely unnecessary to the story at all, and in 3 all she basically is is a less-fun and more limited Crash who gets the wonky jet ski and plane levels. The N-Sane Trilogy bumped her up to a fully playable character, though :D
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Background Pony #F161
I don't acknowledge any game in the series after Crash Team Racing. Much like what happened to Spyro the publisher turned it into a zombie franchise after the original developer had finished with it and moved on.
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Not-So-Stoic Royal Guard
Which surprises me, honestly.

She's best known for hacking into Cortex's logs in 2 and building/computerizing the warp station from Wrath of Cortex. The wrench seems weird, especially when later games practically associate her with the pink laptop. Hell, her carrying the laptop with her even started in the original Warped in 1998.
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@Background Pony #379A
Maybe if you want to say that all (or at least most) particularly intelligent characters should be unicorns when ponified, but I personally don't think she should be.
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