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Finished him like a month ago, but, yeah. In my EQG universe, he's a somewhat grumpy cashier. He'd get along with Oliver if he didn't hate him. Didn't bother with tattoos in this universe.

Also AMES because I am obsessed with it.
safe (1500030) artist:lightningbolt (770) derpibooru exclusive (22202) equestria girls (169700) .svg available (7100) bag (2874) cashier (57) clothes (381123) hand on hip (3922) jeans (2780) lip piercing (824) male (281339) mike fuentes (8) pants (10716) pierce the veil (75) piercing (30924) ponied up (4485) pony ears (1130) shirt (18814) shoes (26561) simple background (315450) solo (923674) svg (3053) transparent background (164417) vector (69348) wings (60881)


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