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safe1588969 screencap204003 drama letter732 paisley711 watermelody912 zephyr breeze2110 equestria girls182141 equestria girls series28810 i'm on a yacht700 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11887 ass42799 butt29605 clothes414325 cropped44549 male310332 offscreen character29935 partial nudity17405 photo71542 smiling218455 swimming trunks372 swimsuit25209 topless11280 zephyr's necklace94


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Background Pony #A988
What's with all the downvotes? Is it because of Zephy himself? I mean yeah I get that he's an insufferable douchebag of a character that's hated by many, but I don't think it's worth downvoting an image because of that.
Background Pony #0691
Forgotten Friendship and Rollercoaster of Friendship are pretty self-sustained too but still part of S1.

Hell, every short and special for the Digital Series felt standalone.
Not to confuse newcomers, I guess.
(Which is why we have the "recap"/exposition song in the beginning of FF)
Background Pony #0691
What do mean "what"?
If not, hell, there’s season 2.

But this special is apart of S2.
The Other Side concluded Season 1, based on the fact the EG Digtal Series official playlist is renamed to MLPEG — Season 1 (right after The Other Side released) and the current hiatus.
A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary

This is NOT the end!
Sure hope the girls will wear their swimsuits on this special, knowing the other characters do. If not, hell, there's season 2.
Background Pony #80A0
All these downvotes because of Zephyr Breeze? I get it, he’s obnoxious as hay. But I think that’s what makes him an entertaining and funny comic relief. Besides, this is probably just a voiceless cameo.
Background Pony #0691
@Pudding Pone
People really seem to hate male EG characters (even some background characters for some reasons)
Instead of filtering, just keep on downvoting and whine about it in the comments. (The latter is definitely not allowed)